Areas of Usages and Advantages

  • Renewable EnergyOneflex elastomeric rubber foam is manufactured particularly for heating, cooling, air conditioning installations, conduits, tube equipments and fittings.
  • Oneflex elastomeric rubber foam can also be manufactured coated (PVC , Aluminum) in line with the requirements.
  • It prevents the spread of fire and is compliant with related standards in terms of ignition and flaming.
  • Resistant to chemicals (please ask for the chemical resistance table), water and water vapor.
  • Kullanım AlanlarıTypes resistant to harmful UV rays of the sun are available. Can be used conveniently in external environments.
  • For the air conditioning canals, can be manufactured in roll and sheet forms, in various thicknesses and self-adhesive on one side.
  • Does not impose extra mechanical load over the installation.(Coating materials are twice lighter than the aluminum sheet and
    5 times lighter than the galvanized sheet.)
  • Easy to clean when polluted. One of the most hygienic products known.
  • Light. Easy to transport and store.
  • Resistant to mechanical impacts thanks to its elasticity, restores when the pressure is removed in case of crushing and crashing.
  • More economical in terms of period of time and labor power when compared to the sheeted insulation.
  • When applied properly, increases the vapor diffusion resistance of the system
  • A durable insulation material.
  • For installation, only curved knife adhesive and sticky tape for the joints are enough.
  • Has a flat surface and aesthetical appearance. Integrates with the
    environment in outer spaces thanks to its stylish and aesthetical

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