• Yalıtım Sektörü 2013 Başarı Ödülleri
    Yalıtım Sektörü 2013 Başarı Ödülleri

    "Yılın Tesisat Yalıtımı Özel Ödülü"

  • Fonec Sheet
    Fonec Sheet

    Turkey's first and only rubber-based sound insulation material

  • Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Products
    Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Products

    The ideal solution for heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

  • Insulation Industry 2011 Achievement Awards
    Insulation Industry 2011 Achievement Awards

    2011 Insulation Industry
    "The Best Investment" award ...

About Oneflex...

DAS RUBBER, which was founded by Ilgaz DALKILIÇ, Koray SARI and Ömer SİRKECİ in a 8000 m2 closed area in Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industrial zone in 2010, works on manufacturing elastomeric rubber sponge used in mechanical installments sector. More...

  • Oneflex

Elastomeric Rubber Foam

Renewable EnergyThe elastomeric rubber foam materials having high vapor diffusion values, provide a good insulation and condensation control on the installation.


Areas of Usages and Advantages

Renewable EnergyOneflex elastomeric rubber foam is manufactured particularly for heating, cooling, air conditioning installations, conduits, tube equipments and fittings.


Environment Friendly Technology

Çevre Dostu TeknolojiThe elastomeric rubber foams with high heat insulation values is resistant to water and vapor and in the meantime, resistant to UV (Ultra Violet) rays, tough air conditions and lubricants. Providing utility and installation ease thanks to the high elasticity, the Elastomeric Rubber Foams prevents fungus and mould growth.


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Elastomeric Insulation Sheets

Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Sheets

Thermal insulation sheet rolls are manufactured in various thicknesses and also in 2 different width as 100 cm and 120 cm according to the distances between the flanges of the rectangular ventilation ducts.


Elastomeric Insulation Tubes

Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation Tubes

Optimal solution in heating, cooling, ventilating systems, and all industrial and constructional application processes.



Auxiliary Materials

Rubber Foam Tape / Formix Contact Adhesive / Oneflex PVC Tapes / Aluminum Foil Tapes / Insulation Link Pin

OneFlex Tube Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulating Tube: Optimal solution in heating, cooling, ventilating systems.


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